Video, Shopify and Subscriptions… oh my!

If you’re on social media, you’ve most likely seen a fun ad or video by Ali J pop up on your timeline that you just can’t help put click on. This month at SMB, we’re bringing in their team to give us some insight on their one-of-a-kind digital marketing strategy. The Ali J team will […]

7 Steps to Social Media Success at Redwood Area SMB

Join us for a presentation on 7 Steps to Social Media Success with Sarah Kuglin. NOTE: Date change!!  Join us at the Redwood Falls Public Library on Friday, August 26th at 8:00 a.m. Have you been using social media for your business without a strategy or plan?  Creating a social media strategy is the next […]

Stamp-n-Storage Marketing Overview: From Garage Shop to Ecommerce Success

Stamp-n-Storage owner Brett Haugen and Marketing Manager Carly Koeberl are our featured speakers at Social Media Breakfast Willmar Lakes Area on Thursday, August 4th, 2016. Brett and Carly will share the story of starting this business and using social media and other marketing channels to gain traction. Find out how their marketing efforts evolved and […]

Design for Non-Designers with Canva at Redwood Area SMB

Join us for Design for Non-Designers with Canva with Heather Koffler on Friday, June 3rd!  LOCATION CHANGE: River Valley Arms and Ammo (Upper Level) in Morton, MN Map & Directions, Click Here Bring Your Laptop and play while you learn! Canva does not offer a mobile app, so laptops are best! If you don’t have […]