Did you know that you have the ability to create a much larger profile pic on your Facebook personal and business pages?  The profile pic can be 180 pixels wide by up to 540 pixels tall [updated from the previous size of 200 x 600].  This is great for business pages allowing a better way to brand your Facebook page.  I’ve added images of two Facebook pages that are using the larger  profile pic to show examples.

After you upload your new profile pic, be sure to hover your cursor over the top right corner of the photo and click on the pencil.  From there choose the thumbnail option and align the image to where you would like your thumbnail image to appear.  The thumbnail is the small image that shows up next to your posts on your wall and is what others see on their wall when you update your page with a post.

If you need any help creating a new profile pic or just have questions be sure to send me an email or Facebook me!

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