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Kelly Tauber, owner of Gracie Margaret’s, is awesome at marketing!  She has a Children’s Boutique in the Kandi Mall in Willmar, MN and has built an amazing following in a short time.  She decided to upgrade her website to an online store and RV Tech Solutions got to be the lucky one to work with her on the project.  Ever since Gracie Margaret’s opened I’ve had a special interest in the store.  I adore and love her products, of course it helps having a baby girl to put all of those cute clothes and accessories on!

Kelly wanted to get a online presence with a shopping cart to showcase and sell all of the unique products she carries to broaden her selling range from just her store to literally anywhere in the world.  Kelly works with many local vendors and sells their products in her store as well, which is such a great opportunity for all involved.  We worked hard on a design that would show the style of the store and the products for both boys and girls, infants to “little boys and girls”.  She also carries gifts, games, toys, diaper bags, and many more unique things that, when I read about them in her blog, I realize even more how very unique and cool they are!

Kelly is adding products to the online store all of the time, putting on sales, using coupon codes and more.  She is then writing blog articles about the products in the store to explain and tell a little more about just why you need them.  For example Kelly wrote about the super cute new shoes Wee Sqeek.  As an addition to the products being in the mall location and on the online store, Kelly uses the blog, which is called “News and Events” to tell more about the shoes like how to care for them, why they are helpful in teaching your child how to walk, and that you can even remove the “sqeeker”.

She also uses the blog to write articles about what’s happening at the store, in the area, promotions, offers and most recently an article about a young girl from the area who has a rare form of cancer.  This sweet little girl’s 5th birthday was coming up and all she asked for was money to donate to her friend Isaac’s Foundation.  The foundation’s goal is to raise awareness of children’s Cancer.

Gracie’s and Social Media

Kelly rocks at social media marketing!  She has great ideas and has built a very large following.  Kelly started the Gracie Margaret’s Facebook Page long before the store opened and used it to create excitement and enthusiasm for the products she would be offering.  After the mall location opened she used the Facebook page to tell more about her products, offered special deals in conjunction with her friends at Despres Photography, added a photo contest with voting which really made a large impact on the number of “fans” she gained and much more.

I encouraged Kelly to add Twitter to her social media marketing as I love to use the analogy of  “You watch channel 11 for the news and I watch channel 5, same goes with social media sites like Facebook and Twitter”.  Some people look to Facebook for information and news and some use Twitter.  For now we set up her Facebook page to atomically update her new Twitter account when she makes a post on Facebook.  She is now using Twitter to follow others with the same interests like children’s clothing, toys, mother’s groups, etc and follows and interacts with those groups.  Gracie Margaret’s is gaining more followers every day!

Kelly also joined LinkedIn after launching the website.  We talked about ways she could use LinkedIn for the store and similar to Twitter, she is now joining groups, participating and even starting conversations on interests that relate to Gracie Margaret’s and Children’s Boutiques.  She also shares products and of course links to the Gracie Margaret’s website.

With the online store and website we also integrated her social media sites so that people vising the website can “share” her products, give a thumbs up and more.  When someone shares one of her products via the social media sharing tool or gives a product the thumbs up on Facebook, that person is then displaying on their Facebook page Gracie Margaret’s products, links to the website and social media sites for all of their friends to see!  Hence the viral effect!

Using social media tools has made a large impact on Gracie Margaret’s following.  Kelly does a great job using the website for her “hub” of information and products, then sharing the products and blog articles from the website on to her social media sites.  This then allows those who follow Gracie Margaret’s to click on her links that lead back to the website, where they can learn more and purchase from her store!

The new Gracie Margaret’s website has been a super fun and exciting project for me.  I’m looking forward to watching the website and social media communities of Gracie Margaret’s grow!


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