Colleen Marcus - Online Marketing & Marketing Consultant
Colleen Marcus - Marketing Consultant

I am so excited to begin this new journey of working for myself to help businesses as an Independent Marketing Consultant!  I will be partnering with Sarah Kuglin and RV Tech Solutions.  Sarah and I worked together for a number of years a short time ago.  During that time I found my passion for using the web to leverage marketing and sales!

With the amount of people regularly using the web, relying on recommendations from others and researching products and services before making a purchase, it is so important to have an up-to-date website.  Search Engines even rank websites based on new and fresh content, so using a blog with consistently new information is essential.  Sharing your content and marketing materials on Social Networks like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and others is just as important for marketing online.

With 20+ years in Sales & Marketing I have seen the circle of change in marketing (snail mail, phone calls, print, radio, etc) to the beginning of the “web” and what a change since the start of that!

I see the importance of staying with the times; Online Marketing and Social Media is it.  This is the way of the future – it is here to stay… embrace it!  This is the new approach to reach people beyond what other marketing outlets offer.  With Online Marketing and Social Media you can create and nurture relationships and build a database in which to market and sell as well.  That is where I can help!  I will use my sales and marketing experience, ideas and knowledge to help businesses design and execute a marketing plan that will track and measure results.   Sarah and I will work with you to publish content and marketing materials for your business using online marketing techniques that build brand awareness, enhance customer service, increase search engine results, drive traffic and generate leads.

What excites me most about this venture is that I will have the opportunity to work with many people and many different businesses!    I would like to become part of your team, an extension of your business, by working together to make you successful.

I grew up in Southwestern Minnesota on a family farm, so Redwood Falls is where I now call home and have for 15 years!  I live outside of town with my husband Al and Marketing Button3 children.

Sarah & I would love to meet with you and discuss what we can do for you and your business. Give us an email or call and we will arrange a personal meeting with you.  I look forward to the future of marketing on the web!

Colleen Marcus
Marketing & Online Consultant
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