Redwood Falls Nursery Website Mockup

John Buckley


Sarah and her team took our 65 plus years of business planning and direction and brought them together all in one place. When I completed the initial survey, I felt that I had just put together a group of disjointed ramblings. I didn’t initially see the value in the lengthy list of questions that were asked. I found out that, as the site came together, those ramblings were put together in a form that told our story perfectly.

We had our first website done by Redwood Valley technical Solutions 10 years ago. The site did a good job for us through the years. However, making the choice to start new at this point with a complete new site was a decision we are very happy with. We are more than pleased with the new site. It goes way beyond our expectations.


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I've gone through a lot of website re-designs in my life (25 years of working with them). This is the first one EVER that I have no design issues with. You have read my mind completely! I love every bit of it. Wow. You nailed it!



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