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Power your business with online reviews and customer feedback

A simple digital experience for your customer. A robust toolkit for your business. ReviewAbility is an automated platform helps you automate the customer feedback process to capture your Net Promoter Score, testimonials and online reviews.

Capture, manage, and market reviews and feedback to make the customer experience the backbone of your business.

Review Sites - Online Reviews

Make feedback and reviews easy for your customers

Capture Reviews

Save time and money with a simple, robust, and actionable solution. Get the tools you need to monitor, request, capture, and analyze feedback, reviews, and ratings all in one place.

Parklane Capture

Manage Reviews and Feedback

Features, tools, and reports so you can learn from, manage, and respond to your customers. Receive notifications, read and respond to feedback and reviews, share reports and insights. Take action to manage your customer’s experience.

Google Review Manage

Market Your Business

Fuel your marketing with customergenerated content. Showcase reviews on your website to impact SEO and add social proof. Turn reviews into stunning social media content to win new customers and grow your revenue.

Market Review

More ways to connect with every customer

Deliver a simple and quick digital experience
to every customer to capture feedback and reviews.

Capture Modes

Step Bubble


Request a 3rd-party review to online review sites like Google or Facebook

Step Bubble


Capture Net Promoter Score® (NPS®) and request 3rd-party reviews

Step Bubble


Include up to 5 survey questions, capture NPS and feedback, and request 3rd-party reviews

Send Requests



Manually or automatically send a request via email

Text Message


Deliver a request via SMS/MMS text

Feedback Url


Manually or automatically send a request via email

More Features



Based on NPS, define positive and negative experience paths



Mobile-friendly design is easy to use across devices



Use your logo, refine appearance, and edit copy to reflect your brand



Ask up to 5 survey questions to understand customer experience

Give Customers a Way In

Give customers easy access to your feedback and review experience.



Customer-activated by sending a keyword text. Delivers a link to enter.

Kiosk Mode


Connects with your customer on site to gather ratings and contact info. Follow-up with direct request.

Feedback Locator


Directs customers to select a location to review from your website. Shareable link for one-click entry.

Listening builds trust, and a better business

Get started with a reputation management and customer experience toolkit for your business.

360 Degree Capabilities

Easily manage 1st- and 3rd-party reviews with request, reply, and monitoring capabilities

Customer Management

Customer Management

Upload customers and manage profiles, activity, feedback, and reviews

Customer Experience Management

Customer Experience Management

Multi-channel collection of NPS, surveys, feedback, and reviews

Reputation Management

Reputation Management

Request and manage 1st- and 3rd-party reviews

Response Management

Response Management

Reply to 1st- and 3rd-party reviews publicly or privately

Review Monitoring

Review Monitoring

Receive notifications for new
feedback and reviews

More Tools...

Customer Experience

Net Promoter Score® (NPS)

Core measurement for customer experience management

Review Widget

Review Widget

Display reviews on your website with Google review schema to impact SEO

Conversion Popup

Conversion Pop-up

Neatly displays reviews on your site for social proof



Tag feedback and reviews by keywords automatically


Google Q&A Report

Monitor and respond to questions from your Google My Business listing

Social Sharing

Social Sharing

Turn reviews into images for Google, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram


Performance Report

NPS trends, survey results, total reviews count, and request statistics

Reviews Report

Reviews Report

3rd-party reviews report by source with comparison options

Nps Report

NPS Report

1st-party review content organized by Promoter,s Passives, and Detractors

Create Report

Insights Report

Discover impact, sentiment, and trends in review content using IBM Watson

Business Report

Business Report

Overview of total metrics by location for multi-location businesses



Manage 1-10,000+ locations with individual and aggregate features


Integration & Automation

Automate requests using Zapier, API, or webhook

Get Started Capturing Feedback and Reviews Today!

Manage Your Own Review System

$89 per Month / per Location

  • Use our Reviewability software to:
  • Request feedback, measure your Net Promoter Score
  • Embed the testimonials widget in your website
  • Encourage positive online reviews on Google, Yelp, Facebook & others
  • Review monitoring
  • Its easy to request feedback from customers
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