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Website Redesign Project Feedback from John at Redwood Falls Nursery

Redwood Falls Nursery Website MockupOur hopes going into this process were that we could have a website that was not only easy for our customers to navigate, but also was easy for us to work with. We think the new website is fantastic and we’re proud to present it to our customers. With it’s ease of use in regard to updating, our plan is to continue to make this site more and more useful for our clients.

I learned that website design goes way beyond my skill level. Sarah built our first site back a number of years ago. We’ve always been happy with the site, but it was difficult for me to revise and change. This new site does require different methods of revision, but they are so much easier than before.

Once the process began, I was surprised at how quickly things fell into place. Both Sarah and Ashley were more than patient with my questions and changes.  Revisions were made that met or exceeded my expectations. Their number one goal was to make this site exactly what I wanted it to be.  Our site is not a boilerplate site with our info plugged in. It’s ours

Was there anything about my experience that stood out as awesome?

Sarah and her team took our 65 plus years of business planning and direction and brought them together all in one place. When I completed the initial survey, I felt that I had just put together a group of disjointed ramblings. I didn’t initially see the value in the lengthy list of questions that were asked. I found out that, as the site came together, those ramblings were put together in a form that told our story perfectly.

Another great feature that I was very impressed with were the training videos included as part of the site. These were all built specific for our site. Very impressive and very useful.

We had our first website done by Redwood Valley Technical Solutions 10 years ago. The site did a good job for us through the years. However, making the choice to start new at this point with a complete new site was a decision we are very happy with.  We are more than pleased with the new site. It goes way beyond our expectations.

John Buckly, Owner
Redwood Falls Nursery

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