Why Are Updates for a WordPress Website So Important?

In our world of amazing technology, updates are crucial for strong performance and security. We are constantly being told to update our cellphones, our computers, the apps that we use, and more. But if you use a WordPress website, you might be asking why are updates for a WordPress website so important?

The WordPress platform is being testing and updated on a regular basis for the best possible performance and to avoid any security loopholes.  Just like the updates for our phones, computers, and apps, these WordPress updates can help us discover new features, reduce the number of problems we run into, and maintain a positive user experience.  Along with the website updates, plugins that run on your WordPress website are also being tested and updated as often as WordPress itself and if not more.

But because they come so frequently, it can be easy to brush it off as a hassle or convince ourselves that an update isn’t something we really need. However, if you want to get the most out of your WordPress website, you need to regularly update your site and the plugins that are used.

Update Your WordPress WebsiteWhy Are WordPress Updates So Important?

Think about what happens when you choose not to update your phone or your computer for a few months. The software becomes slow, you may run into bug issues, and your security will be at risk. The software that you’re using is outdated, so you’re struggling to explore the newest features and benefits you believe you should have. A WordPress website will act the same way.

The updates help our WordPress websites perform at the highest level possible for that period of time. But even after an update is released, developers from all over the world explore and experiment to find new, better ways to provide security, solve problems, or introduce new features to keep your website up to speed with technology.

With each new update that WordPress releases, you will find that the new software gives you new options for customizing your website, fixes problems and bugs that a recent update may have caused, or will provide you with security and protection from hackers.

Security Updates

When considering the safety of your information and any customer information you may have saved in your WordPress site, security updates are probably the most important. As the number of hacker attacks on WordPress sites increases, you will want to ensure all your passwords, details, and information are protected.  Security updates will also help prevent the take-over of your website by a hacker or malware.

Security updates can give you better ways to prevent hackers from reaching your website and causing problems for your visitors. These updates are important to pay attention to because the longer you go without updating, the more at risk your website becomes. When you are still using old software, hackers can have more experience finding the weak points and open areas to come in and steal your data or place malicious code onto your website.

Performance Updates

Updates to your website performance is equally beneficial for you and for your visitors. Because bugs or glitches can appear in your software or the plugins that you use, these performance and plugin updates help to adjust them or remove them so that you do not run into the same problems or issues.

When your software is properly updated for the best performance possible, your visitors can have a better experience and each component of your website will work as it should. This can prevent them from running into problems that may push them to leave your site, which can cost you business and hurt your SEO strategy.

Features Updates

The final update we will touch on is updates to the core features of your website. When a new update is released with new capabilities or details, you’re creating a new and better experience for your website visitors and staying on top of technology. These updates help create a modern webpage that visitors will enjoy.

Features updates are usually more spaced out but they can often make the biggest impact. It is important to pay close attention to these features because they can help you create the best website possible.

At times critical updates become available to your core WordPress files.  A critical update means there may be an issue with your website that could cause major issues for your website or your visits.  We are always on top of these updates as it is a top priority for us to keep your website safe and secure.

What Are the Most Important Things to Keep Updated?

There are many components of a WordPress site that will need to stay updated. The most important updates for a secure and well-performing site include updates to the WordPress platform, plugin updates, and updates for the theme your website uses.

Do you have a good backup?

Before you jump in and make the updates to your website, you'll want to make sure you have a good backup of all of your files and databases.  It is not uncommon that WordPress updates, in conjunction with a theme update or plugin update, will have conflicts.  If something happens during an update, you may need to restore a back up or fix a problem with your files or database.  Don't worry, we have experience in this area and we'll do our best to make sure your website is safe, even if a conflict arises.

The Best Way to Keep Your WordPress Site Updated

If you’re wondering how you can possibly keep track of all the updates and needs of your WordPress site, you may want to consider joining our Website Care Plan. We built your website, so we know it well!  When you allow a WordPress professional to ensure your website is up-to-date and fully functioning, you can rest assured we have everything under control and the technical aspect is covered.

Our Website Care Plans include website maintenance options that take the stress off your back so you can focus on what you do best, without needing to worry about a potentially missed update on your website. With plans at various price points and with different need levels, we provide Care Plans that can fit your unique company and issues.  Our Website Care Plans also included dedicated support time to help you enhance your website and content, awesome reporting to track and measure your business goals and much more.

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With how important it is to keep your WordPress site updated and performing to its best ability, you don't want to risk missing a software update that could put you at risk for a security breach or interfere with your website visitor's experience. To begin discussing what our maintenance plans can do for you and your website, give us a call or send us a message.

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