New Vision Co-op Website Redesign

  1. The Problem
  2. The Goal
  3. The Solution
    1. Rebrand
    2. New Website Design
    3. Custom Website Features
    4. SEO
    5. Graphic Design Services
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New Vision Case Study Hero

Previous Branding and Website

New Vision Coop Website Before

the  problem

New Vision Co-op is an agricultural cooperative with locations across southwest Minnesota. They work with farmers and producers that specialize in field crop and animal production, helping them with environmental and long-term economic growth.

Prior to working with us, New Vision Co-op had a sufficient amount of the clients and top-notch customer service, but their online presence was outdated and hard to maintain. There was a visual disconnect between who they were as a company and how they presented themselves, and it became our goal to change that.

the  goal

“Service and Value Every Day” is the tagline that New Vision Co-op lives by, and they wanted their new website to reflect that. First, we knew we wanted to work with New Vision Co-op on a new brand. Establishing a modern brand would play a pivotal role in the future of their cooperative and the overall success of their new website. With a new brand, it would help modernize the visual impact the co-op has with the next generation of farmers/producers to use the website as their main communication hub.

A few of New Vision's goals included:

  • better layout and navigation for customers to quickly find information

  • have a better online presence and notability

  • mobile friendly layout and navigation

  • a more dynamic look that appeals to their target audience (more bold and edgy)

  • creating a blog for fresh updates; being a useful source of pertinent data

  • make it easy for customers to sign up for text or email alerts

  • get more online interaction from customers

  • use the website as a marketing tool that is easy to update, manage and create, to efficiently execute the marketing plan

the  solution

The Rebrand

Being that New Vision Co-op has been a widespread and well-known cooperative across southern Minnesota for many years, we wanted to keep key elements of their previous logo to help keep brand recognition.

We found their iconic sunrise shape intriguing and began sketching out ideas to incorporate the shape into the new design. We also knew the sunrise would resonate well with their past and current clients while allowing the team to add new color options for design and navigation.

New Vision Co-Op Old Logo
Old Logo Design
New Vision Co-Op Logo Primary
New Logo Design
New Vision Co-Op Logo Secondary
Secondary Logo
New Vision Co-Op Logo Submark
New Vision Colors
New Vision Colors

The Website Redesign

Our design team incorporated their new brand into a new website design. We created a marketing message that resonates with their target audience and drives visitors to take action. We created a custom design and layout for each landing page that is engaging and easy to navigate, and includes a call to action, guiding the visitor on what to do next.

Website Custom Features & Functions

  • custom design, branding and website marketing message

  • location directory of all office location with interactive map

  • integrate markets, weather and grain prices into the custom design

  • create a podcast from current audio recordings

  • integrate social media posts into the website for social updates

  • gather emails and phone numbers for marketing automation and text message alerts

  • create custom web forms for data collection including sales and communications

SEO & Analytics

During the website build, New Vision Co-op wanted SEO to be a main focus and use analytics and tracking post-launch to monitor their online demographics and usage. This was something that had not been a priority with their old website, but they knew it was something they needed to add in order to have a bigger impact on their marketing strategies.

Working with our experienced team allowed New Vision to see instant positive results and online success.

from Organic Search

Leads Online

Sales Process

New Vision Banner Mockups

Graphic Design Services

Tradeshow Banner Design

RVT Solutions worked with New Vision Co-op to design several custom banners for tradeshows and other events. From ideation to execution, our design team was there every step of the way to ensure both clear and powerful messaging as well as on-brand and eye-catching graphics.

client  feedback

Christy - New Vision

"I've gone through a lot of website re-designs in my life (25 years of working with them). This is the first one EVER that I have no design issues with the new look, and it is very impressive. You have read my vision completely! I love every bit of it. Wow. You nailed it!"

Christy R.
Marketing and Communications Specialist

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