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  2. The Goal
  3. The Solution
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the  problem

Ramsey Park is free to enjoy & open 365 days a year. It has 256 acres of natural beauty, miles of hiking trails, a zoo with animal feeding, scenic waterfalls, picnic areas, playgrounds & a campground. It is located along the Redwood River in the City of Redwood Falls, MN.

This beloved park is a favorite of the locals and has a number of visitors throughout the year. But the park was lacking an online presence. There was no way for new visitors to know about the park, its beautiful landscape, and everything that it has to offer. We teamed up with the Friends of the Park to change that!

the  goal

The Friends of the Park is an organization that is passionate about maintaining the beauty of Ramsey Park & supporting continual improvements for generations to come. To help them with their efforts, we teamed up with them to build a website that would attract new visitors and supporters, invite them to fundraising events, and collect donations. It showcases all of their park improvements and upcoming projects.

A few of the Friends of the Park's goals included:

  • have an online presence to reach new visitors

  • create a layout and navigation for visitors to learn more about the park

  • make the website mobile friendly so it can be viewed while at the park

  • create an interactive map for visitors

  • incorporate photos and videos that show the beauty of the park

  • make it easy for supports to sign up to volunteer or donate to the park

  • inform visitors of upcoming parks events

  • use the website as a tool to stay connected to park visitors and supports

the  solution

Tourism Video Creation

Ramsey Park / Cansayapi is a hidden gem in southern Minnesota. Visitors come back, again and again, to admire its beauty, enjoy the walking trails, view the falls, have a picnic, play on the playgrounds, and visit the zoo animals.

However, we found that many outdoor enthusiasts are not aware that this park exists. It was our goal to change that! We visited the park to collect photos and video footage and used this media to create an eye-catching tourism video and highly visual website packed with photos and content to build their online presence.

The Website Design

Our design team incorporated all of the park visuals into the website design. We created content that resonates with their target audience and drives visitors and supporters to take action. We created a custom design and layout for each landing page that is engaging and attractive that includes a clear call to action to visitors or donors.

Website Custom Features & Functions

  • created interactive park map for visitors

  • integrate photos, amenities, news, and events into the custom design

  • customized donor tool to meet the parks needs

  • integrate tourism videos into the website for visual appeal

  • used custom icons to keep with the fun park like feel and lists to make text easy to read

  • create custom web forms for collecting volunteer information

SEO & Analytics

Because this is a brand-new site with the goal of attracting more visitors and supporters, SEO is especially important. During the website build, we focused on ensuring that the content on each page was keyword rich and included location information. We also optimized photos for SEO and incorporated links into each page, following all SEO best practices.

Working with our experienced team allowed the Friends of the Park to build their online presence and continue to support Ramsey Park.

to Ramsey Park

Online Presence

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