What Are WordPress Updates

If you have a WordPress website, you’ve probably seen a prompt or two to update your site plugins or core files. However, updating can feel a bit scary and for good reason.  While most of the time, WordPress and plugin updates can be executed smoothly without problems, sometimes issues can happen (to the point of taking your website down).  Adding new or updated software to your site may cause your plugins or design to not function the way they’re supposed to. While this is a valid concern, updates are still crucial for ensuring your website is safe and secure.

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It’s always important that you’re running your website on the latest version of WordPress.  Over the past few years, more frequent updates are being released for both the core software of your website as well as the plugins, due to security concerns and technology advances.   Updating your WordPress site every time a new version is released can reduce the number of bugs or problems you experience, and can make new features available.  But, we use a strategy and testing to make sure your software is compatible with the latest updates – before we make those changes live.  And we don’t do a single update until we have a good backup of all of your website files and the database.

Let’s take a deeper look at the reasons you should always update your WordPress site.

1. Additional Security

There are thousands of hackers out there. While you may not think your information is worth stealing, these hackers can learn a lot about you and your customers just by gaining access to the backend of your site. Because WordPress is open source, this means hackers can easily study the page’s code and find places to break through.

However, WordPress is constantly updating their software to help fight these attacks. As new threats and problems are identified, the WordPress team is able to fix the issue through releasing new code that fills in those holes. If you’re still running on an old version of WordPress, you’re continuing to leave those gaps open.

2. Improved Page Speed

Speed is a major factor in your website visitors’ happiness with your page. If your site takes too long to load, visitors are likely to leave for a competitor’s page. When search engines see that people are leaving your site almost immediately after getting there, they’re going to push your listing further down a results list — making it even more difficult to attract new customers.

However, WordPress, and the plugins we use, are constantly looking for new ways to make their pages run faster. This means that new updates can provide you with the new code you need to ensure your pages are loading quickly and completely.

3. New Features

WordPress updates can provide you with new features on both the back end and the front end of your site. New features can allow you to have an easier time uploading your content, giving you new abilities to edit and configure your materials so they’re just right for viewing. This means you’ll save time and energy keeping your website up-to-date.

New features can also give you new abilities for using plugins and add-ons. When you have the most up-to-date features on your WordPress site, you’re able to attract and hold your audience’s attention. With cool new features that helps you website stand out, you can improve customer satisfaction and user experience.

Keeping Your Website Updated

Think of your website the same as your car. If you ignore the routine maintenance, you’re going to run into even bigger problems down the line. However, if you make small updates, changes, and tune ups every so often, you can keep your website running efficiently for a longer period of time.

You shouldn’t be afraid of updating your WordPress site. However, you want to be sure you’re updating correctly. Before updating, you want to check that your page is properly backed up and ready for the new code.

Don’t allow your WordPress site to fall too far behind. If you believe you’re due for an update, contact the team at RV Tech Solutions to help you through the updating process. As experts in developing and managing WordPress websites, we can ensure your website makes a smooth transition when updating.

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