12 Steps to Creating a New Web Page in your WordPress Website

Content Creation

Are you looking for ways to communicate new or critical information? Are you interested in learning simple ways to better your business online?

The answer is creating content! Likely, you have this content already created in one form or another. Maybe you've sent it out in an email or newsletter or used it in a presentation.

This content can easily be added to your website by creating a page. In doing so, it provides a landing page for those needing this information or those who have questions. It doesn't get lost in an inbox or filed with other presentation notes.

12 Steps to Create a New Page

  1. Determine the title. Ensure that it is SEO-friendly.
  2. Write, create or gather the content.
  3. Place the content into the page (use a design template or create a new layout).
  4. Add links (other websites, your pages, posts, products, etc.).
  5. Add media. This can include photos, graphics, embed videos on your page or post.
  6. Add a featured image.
  7. Add SEO metadata.
  8. Review SEO settings and improve.
  9. Publish the new page.
  10. Review and test all links and the layout on all devices.
  11. Add to the menu.
  12. Send your visitors to your new page.

3 Ways to Share Your New Page

Now that you have your info-packed new page published, how do you send visitors to that page? Here are 3 ways:

  1. Share the page via email. Add it to your email newsletter or, depending on the urgency, send a focused email to your subscriber list.
  2. Post a link to the new page on your social media sites. Make sure that you include a short message and a call to action that encourages visitors to click the link.
  3. Add page information and link to the notifications bar. The notifications bar displays at the top of all pages across your site, helping your customers quickly and easily find what they need. "(Note: If you do not see a Notification Bar menu in your website dashboard, let us know, and we'll get it set up for you.)

Watch this quick video from Sarah on how to add content to your notifications bar.


We're Here to Help!

Our team is here to help! If there is any way we can help when it comes to adding pages or content, be sure to reach out!  Our team is passionate about helping you better your business online. We are all in this together!

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