Covid Communication Ideas

Now is a great time to update information on your website to keep your visitors informed of what is happening in your business. Below we’ll go through a few tips to update your website with COVID-19 information.

Add a Page or Post to your Website

Creating a news post with your business’s response to COVID-19 is essential for communicating critical information with your customers. Include any item of importance, see some examples below.

  • Notify customers of any changes in hours or operation. Let them know if your business is drive-up or delivery only, or if your storefront is closed but you are available by phone.
  • Explain how your business is addressing clients’ safety. What are your cleaning procedures, are you limiting the number of customers inside at one time.
  • Tell your customers what options you are offering instead. Are you now offering online ordering, can they shop your products online or take a virtual tour. 
  • Remind customers about how important they are to your business during this time.

Check out these 12 steps to create a new page or post on your website.

Use a Notification Bar to Make Announcements Stand Out

The notification bar displays across the top of every page on your website. It grabs customers’ attention and makes your COVID-19 information easy to find. Create a short message and then link it to the news post for more information.

Use the Digital Marketing Toolkit

Want more tips, tricks and tools to enhance your digital marketing, especially during the COVID-19 Pandemic?

View our Digital Marketing Toolkit, packed with ways to enhance your website and digital marketing, to help your visitors during this time of change.

We’re here to help and ready to assist you in any way. Reach out and let us know what we can do to better serve you!

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