What is a QR Code and how can you use them to bring traffic to your website?

Rvtech MediumQR Codes are the square bar code looking images that have uneven, squiggly lines that you see in magazine ads, newspaper ads, store front windows, and product labels.  QR means “Quick Response” and the codes can be scanned by smart phone.  They direct you to the website and information (business name, address, phone number, Facebook page, etc.) put into the QR Code when generated.  QR Codes are getting a lot of buzz these days but they are not widely used, yet.  The best part about QR Codes is they are free to generate.

You can create unique QR Codes for different products or services.  You can even create or use special landing pages for each QR Code you create.

More and more of my clients are using QR Codes to drive traffic to their website for general ads and information as well as targeted promotions and offers.

At Scott Preusse, Inc. we came up with a plan to use QR Codes on the window stickers of vehicles in the car lot. Scottpreusse Each vehicle will have a unique QR Code that links to the web page associated with that vehicle.  They will be able to view all details of that vehicle online including several photos of the vehicle, financing options, a way for them to contact Scott Preusse, Inc. while physically looking at the vehicle.  The web page also contains other information the person may not have access to when the showroom is closed (car lots are technically open 24/7).  They can also keep that vehicle web page stored on their smart phone.

The Atomic Chef Spices added QR Codes to their bottle labels of the spices.  The QR Code points to their website which contains information on where to purchase the spices, recipes, videos on cooking and more!

Blossom Town Floral and Green House is using a QR Code on their greeting card envelopes.  When someone receives a special delivery from Blossom Town they can scan the bar code to access the Blossom Town website, map the address, contact via phone (where they can click and call) or email and more.

Other clients are implementing plans to add QR Codes to their printed ads, in-store locations where you can learn more about a product or service all while physically standing there!

This past September I attended the state fair where it seemed every exhibitor had a QR Code to scan (OK maybe every other).  The QR Codes were as simple as a link to their website up to a link to register for events, promotions and giveaways while standing right there looking at their booth.  I entered so many different promotions using QR Codes, what a benefit for those vendors who all now have my contact information (which I didn’t have a problem with because I really wanted to win).

A good practice is to use your QR Codes everywhere.  I use them on my business cards, rack cards and newspaper ads.  Here’s a few ways you can use QR Codes in your marketing efforts:

  • on your store front door
  • invoices and receipts
  • envelopes and packaging
  • create a scavenger hunt
  • offer coupons, promotions or discounts
  • promote your social media networks to gain more likes and followers
  • next to products in your store giving details and how to use information
  • grow your email subscribers list
  • populate a your online shopping cart

Just think, if someone stops by your store after hours they can scan your QR Code posted on the front door.  They can access your website, phone number and more, including your store hours of operation.  🙂

I’ve seen QR Codes on t-shirts and even read about them on billboards and gravestones.  In a recent conversation with Ann Treacy of  Treacy Information Services, she talked about how popular QR Codes are in Europe and that they are being used everywhere.  QR Codes may be the next big thing in marketing, so start thinking of unique places to add and use your QR Codes.  One thing you can do to help those new to using QR Codes is to put information on how to use the QR Code in text near the code explaining how to use it.

There are many websites available to generate QR Codes.  The site I use most often is ZXing Project QR Code Generator, click here.  Need help setting up and using QR Codes?  Contact Sarah at RV Tech Solutions today!

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