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With the new Facebook Insights you can find out some really valuable information on your page statistics, your fans and more.  One of my favorite new features is the “When Your Fans are Online” report. 

In your Facebook Insights go to the Posts Menu and click on the sub-menu for When Your Fans are Online.  This report will show you a graph of data shown for “a recent 1-week period”.

The graph shows how many of your Facebook fans were online for every day of the past week.  You can hover over the day (boxes above the graph) to see specifically that day and what times your fans were online.   This will be represented by a dark blue line.

I would suggest to keep track of the timelines over a few weeks to see if the graph is consistent, then possibly adjust your post scheduling to accommodate sharing your content around the high peek times for maximum visibility by your fans.

Were you surprised by the times your fans are online? Will you change your strategy thanks to this great tool?

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