How to Get of the Most Out of Attending an Event or Conference

Digital marketing conferences, social media events, blogging conferences…these wonderful educational opportunities are popping up locally, regionally and nationally. But do you ever wonder, or maybe just your boss does, how you’re going to ensure that you get your money’s worth out of the event? Here are 7 veteran tips from the RV Tech crew, aka conference attendee addicts.

Event Tips1. Choose Your Sessions Carefully

It’s important to take some time to review the sessions or tracks offered prior to the event. That way you can chose the sessions that best fit your needs vs. making a random selection the day of the event because you are pressed for time.

2. Follow the Event #Hashtag

In this day and age many conferences, especially those in our industry, have an event hashtag. Following the hashtag during the event is FUN and informative. It’s a great way to get take home tidbits from speakers, collect information, connect with industry professionals and network with attendees.

3. Network, Network, Network

Speaking of networking, this is the perfect place to do it! Networking can be one of the MOST important advantages of attending any event. Chat with the experts, build new relationships, drum up new business, and make long-term social media connections. Capitalize on this opportunity!

4. Take Notes

Yes it is great to get the session slides after the event, but it is even greater to have personal notes to take home. Notes that are unique to your business and most of all inspire you to take action! Caution: don’t write every little thing down, it defeats the purpose.

5. Create a To-Do List

Chances are while you are getting all this great information you are going to think of ways you can use it to better your business. As you are having these ah moments, jot them down on a to-do list. That way you are more likely to follow through after the event.

6. Take Photos

Document your day by snapping a few photos with your smart phone. Take photos with the awesome people you meet and share them socially, take photo of speakers and share what you’re learning (talk them up a bit) and finally take photos of your favorite session slides, it’s a great way to digitally take notes!

7. Visit the Vendors

I know you might be wondering why this is important. Well first of all, they are the companies that help make that event happen. Secondly, you might find a remarkable product or service you didn’t even know existed…or that you needed it. Finally and arguably most importantly, they have giveaways! If you don’t come home with at least one free item from a conference you have failed miserably. : )

Continuing Education

The next time you head out to your next conference, take these tips with you. We promise, you won’t regret it!

Looking for some education right from the comfort of your own home or office? The RV Tech Team has you covered there too. Shhhh! We aren’t disclosing this top secret information just yet. We’ll keep you posted.

Upcoming Must-Attend Conference

Now that you have all these great tips, you’ll need somewhere to use them. We have a few suggestions.

We want to hear from you! Do you have any other event tips to share? What conferences are on your must-attend list?




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