Getting Started with Google Analytics: The Basics

There are very few things that marketers can do to get an inside look at our customers’ behaviors. But while we may be unable to read their minds, the use of Google Analytics allows us to check in on how well our strategies are working and if our plans are resonating well with our customers, website visitors, and clients. It might just be the closest thing to mind reading as we can get!

But how does Google Analytics work and what can it really do for your business? This guide will walk you through the basics of what it does, how you can use it, and how to use the information it uncovers to grow your business.

Getting Started with Google AnalyticsAbout the Analytics Software

To being using the analytics software, you need to set it up with your website. Of course we set up your website with Google Analytics so it is ready to start tracking data.  If you need to set up analytics in your website, just follow these steps.

With the various tracking features, you can see how visitors are coming to your page, which pages they are looking at, and how long they are staying. When connected with your social media accounts, you can gauge how well your social media strategies are at pushing fans, friends, and followers to your site and which platform is getting the most engagement.

The use of analytics can also show you if people are enjoying your page. Before the software, we were left to simply assume people were visiting our websites. We could use purchases or phone calls to see if people were making their way there, but those are typically just a fraction of the people who come to our website and view web pages.

But with the help of Google, we can now see if visitors are coming to our homepage, simply to click away or if they’re spending time reading our content and blog posts. We can see how many pages the individual visits during the time on the site or if they follow through on making a purchase or reaching out. In other words, it allows us to track the habits and behaviors of our customers online.

What Can You Measure with Analytics?

The Google Analytics software allows you to measure many different things, but there are a few specific things you must be tracking if you want to grow your business. To begin, here are some of the main features of the analytic software and what it can teach you:

  • How many people are visiting your websites.
  • Where those people are coming from and how they got to your websites, including if they came from a Google search, if they followed a link through social media, or if they typed your name right into their browser.
  • How long they are spending on your websites and how many pages they view in a visit.
  • If the individuals visiting your page are new visitors or if they frequently return to your site.
  • The geographic location of your visitors.
  • If your visitors are making the conversions you are looking for, including signing up for a newsletter, making a purchase, or reading a certain page.

While these are only a base for the things you are able to measure with the analytic software, they are a great way to get started.

How This Information Helps You Grow

While simply tracking these numbers can give you an idea of how well your site and strategies are performing, if you really want to see your company take off, you will need to understand how to apply this information. There are a few ways to make these insights useful.

First, you are able to see which blogs or pages are resonating best with your customers and clients. This allows you to create a better strategy for blog posts or pages that will do well. If one of your most popular blogs is on a certain topic, you can expect other pages on that topic to do well as well.

You are also able to see which of your social networks is leading to the most conversions, allowing you to target that platform more heavily or to create stronger strategies for your other platforms. As you strengthen your connection with your clients and customers, you will see more purchases and loyalty.

Using Google Analytics gives you a unique perspective of how well your company’s website is doing and how well you are connecting with your customers. Through measuring and tracking the number of visitors you have and what they do while on your website, you can better target your customers for conversions and success.  But more importantly, by using this data you will be able to provide your visitors with exactly what they are looking for.

Want to learn more?  Be sure to watch for the next blog in our Google Analytics Series!


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