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Yay! You’ve got your Ecommerce website up and running on your WordPress website. Now your customers can easily view and your products and services. But, are you getting the most out of your Ecommerce site? Now’s the time to kick it up a notch by adding these game-changing WooCommerce shopping cart add-ons.

5 of Our Favorite Shopping Cart Add-Ons for your WooCommerce Website

1. Offer Delivery & Pick-up Options

To meet your customers unique needs, we suggest offering different delivery and pick up options in your shopping cart. We can help you set up a delivery service or customer pick up at check-out that allows the customer to choose the option that is most convenient for them. Here are some options to consider:

Delivey Or Pickup Times Scaled
  • Local Pickup Option – Offer pickup at your location whether curb-side, drive-thru or walk-in.
  • Local Delivery Option – You can chose your delivery area by zip code or region if required. You can offer to deliver right to their door and even offer a no-contact option as well. During the checkout process you can ask your customer to provide the details needed for our specific delivery needed including delivery address, a phone number for calls or text message confirmation and more.
  • Pick the Date & Time for Pickup or Delivery – Provide flexibility to same day, order for deliveries in the future, or for a specific occasion. The customer can choose the available times and dates for delivery based on the parameters you choose that work for your business, such as when you are open, how much time you need to prepare an order and more.
  • UPS Shipping Option – Use a UPS shipping calculator tool to calculate the cost of delivery if you plan to ship your products or services. The UPS shipping tools can also create a label for shipping and even connect to your UPS account to request a pickup of your items from your store. UPS calculators are a premium add-on.

A popular example of a business that uses various pickup options is the restaurant business. Learn more about ordering online for delivery or take-out on a system that works and is easy to use!

2. Create Variations of Your Products

WooCommerce Variation Swatches

Adding product variations allows you to customize your products and gives your customers more choices. Do you sell clothing? Variations allow you to add different colors and sizes. Are you having a sale? Variations allow you to add in sale prices and regular prices. Are you a bar and grill that offers baskets or dinners with different side choices? Variations allow you to add sides, sauces, and more! There are MANY variations that can be customized to fit your needs, we can help you get those set up!

Customers will appreciate knowing the quantity of inventory that you have for each product. Is it available, is it sold out? Are there 10 of those products remaining, or only 2? We can help you keep buyers informed by adding this variation option to your eCommerce website. Plus, if buyers see that only a few of that product remain, and they may be more interested in purchasing sooner.

3. Offer Gift Cards

Gift cards are a popular option for customers and a profitable option for businesses.

There are two popular options for offering gift cards through your eCommerce store.

eGift Card for Online Store
  1. Digital gift cards are convenient and easy to use and allow your customers to send a gift certificate to the recipient via email. The recipient can use the gift card to purchase products through your eCommerce store online. With premium gift card add-ons, recipients can managed their gift card through their account on your website including viewing the balance of their card and more.
  2. Physical gift cards or gift certificates allow a customer to purchase a gift card online and have a physical gift card mailed or delivered to the recipient for use in-store.

Gift cards make a great gift, of course, but there are many more benefits! Gift cards:

  • Give your loyal customers a way to continue to support your business.
  • Are perfect for any occasion.
  • Introduce new customers to your business.
  • Offer a fast and secure way to pay.
  • Drive revenue.

If you are not already offering gift cards online, now is a great time to consider it. We can take you through the process and explain the software and its capabilities.

4. Automate Sales Tax

Built-in tax tools make tax compliance simple. We can add a sales tax calculator to your Ecommerce website. These service are a premium add-on but can save you a lot of time and paperwork. It's still important to understand some of the basics of sales tax collection. Here are a couple of things to think about when collecting sales tax online.

Using codes on your eCommerce site to automatically calculate the tax for each order is completely accurate verses manually adding tax and shipping rates. It is calculated based on your business address and the address that you’re shipping to. You can also create line items for different tax rates, right in your shopping cart (city and county taxes for example).

Staying tax-compliant in multiple states and counties can require custom additions on your website! Sales tax rates and rules change frequently, and it is important to keep up with. Many states now require businesses to register, collect, and remit sales tax if your sales into a state are more than a certain amount. Take this free Sales Tax Risk Assessment to help determine where your sales have created a need to register to collect and remit sales tax.

5. Automate Online Store Emails

Good communication is key to staying top of mind with potential customers, keeping current customers, and turning repeat customers into supporters. Automated emails streamline this process, saving you time, and making your customers feel valued.

Here are 5 automated emails every Ecommerce website owner should have in place:

  1. Welcome Email – Nice to meet you! This is a quick introductory email that is sent to a new subscriber to your list. Thank them for joining and offer them additional resources.
  2. Confirmation Email – Thank you for your order! Once a customer purchases something from you, they expect to be informed about their order every step of the way. Send them a confirmation email to let them know that you received their order, confirm the details and thank them for their business.
  3. Order Complete Email – Your package is on its way! Your customers are excitedly anticipating receiving that package in the mail! Let them know when their order has shipped, or is ready for delivery or pick-up, and give them information on how to track that shipment.
  4. Abandoned Shopping Cart Email – Did you forget something? If a customer takes the time to add items to the shopping cart and then doesn’t place an order, a follow-up email is important. Remind them of what they are missing, offer and incentive to buy, or simply ask them if they need something.
  5. Win Back Email – Remember us? This email would go out to customers who have not placed an order in a while. This is a great way to keep your business top of mind. Remind them of why they’ve ordered with you before, offer an incentive to come back, give a quick rundown of the top feature of your products or services and highlight any new products the might benefit them.

Setting up automated abandoned cart emails and win back emails is easy to do with premium add-on options. We can help you stay in touch with your customers by setting up customized automated emails that fit your business’s needs.

6. WooCommerce Mobile App

Even though this is the last feature in our list of must have add-ons for your eCommerce store, it is by far a favorite tool!

Woo Mobile App

The new and improved mobile app offerings enhanced features to manage your online store, easily, on the go! Once you configure your admin role to have access to view and manage your shopping cart through the mobile app, you'll get all of these features at your finger tips - right on your phone.

  1. Get real-time notifications when orders come into your store (with a special notification sound too).
  2. View, filter, or search specific orders and details. Tap to view order information - including product(s), value, customer data, shipping details, and notes.
  3. Once you have fulfilled an order, mark it complete, right in the app!
  4. Get real time statistics on how your store is performing, what products are top sellers and more.

The WooCommerce Mobile App makes managing your store and fulfilling orders and changing basic inventory stock simple and easy, no matter where you are.

Interested in Additional WooCommerce Features or an ecommerce WordPress Website?

Want to continue to get the most out of your eCommerce website by adding some of these must-have WooCommerce add-ons, or start selling your products and services online using your WordPress website? We are happy to help you from start to finish or anywhere in between, just reach out! Happy selling!

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