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Have you ever uttered the phrase “There’s just not enough time in a day!”? I think that most of us have. There are so many things that we would like to do in our personal and business lives but finding the time can be difficult.

Social Media Super HeroesTime is a big factor when it comes to social media. Many companies aspire to develop and execute a successful social media marketing plan, but simply don’t have the time. They are like a damsel in distress! Queue the hero music…here comes the RV Tech Team to save the day!

Every super hero needs a plan of action, that’s just where we start. We work with you to create a social the media plan that fits the needs of your company like a tailor-made super hero suit! Here are some examples of what that plan could include.


Writing and formatting a blog post can take a significant amount of time. We can work with you to brainstorm topics, utilize your expertise and online research to create content, write and format the post and add a photo. Then after your approval, we optimize the post for SEO using tagging, links and key words. Wham it’s ready to go live! Here is an example of a post that we did for Blossom Town, the blogs written for Corn Capital Innovations, an article for Artex Manufacturing, and another for the Venetian Waterpark.

Posting on Social Sites

Consistently posting relevant content on social media sites is quite possibly the biggest online marketing time commitment. Super heroes are always on the clock, so we are happy to manage your sites around the clock. We post content that will engage your clients and keep your business top of mind. Our social media sidekicks are Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+ and more! Everything is done with your approval…but without the time commitment. Bam! Your social sites start driving traffic back to your website! Here are some examples of Facebook posts we have done for Facebook posts we have done for Artex Manufacturing, Glacial Ridge Health Systems, tweets for Corn Capital Innovations, and pins for Choices Pregnancy Center.


Creating a custom email complete with eye-catching graphics and killer content takes time, especially of you are not familiar with email marketing solutions like Constant ContactiContact and MailChimp. At RV Tech Solutions we continually educate ourselves on the ever changing online marketing world. After all an amazing super hero must have a sharp mind! Email marketing in a great way to educate your readers, highlight your product/services, advertise an upcoming events, and communicate a message. We utilize our resources along with yours to fill your email with content and graphics. Zoom! Your information in to your customers in no time flat! Here is an example of an email that we did for Artex Manufacturing and the Social Media Rockstar Event.

RV Tech Solutions Team
Online Marketing Team: Bryanne, Sarah and Colleen


Being creative can be difficult for some people, potentially making it time consuming. Let the RV Tech Team help you with your next custom project. Share your thoughts and ideas and let us help make them soar like Superman…or maybe more like Wonder Woman in our case. Run a photo contest, turn your radio ads into videos, create infographics…the possibilities are endless. Wow! Your customers will want to join in on the fun!  Here is an example of a photo contest and a video radio ad that we did for Corn Capital Innovations and an infographic created for Choices Pregnancy Center.

Super Hero Status

Our own social media super hero Sarah Kuglin recently made the list of 70 Rising Social Media Stars by Mark Schaefer of Business Grow. Read what Sarah had to say about receiving this honor and how it has inspired her to work even harder to help others use social media to help their business grow.

Start Saving Time & Vamping Up Your Online Marketing

Super heroes measure their success by the number of people that they help and we definitely love helping people, but we have a more advanced measuring tools. Our social media clients receive a detailed monthly report outlining the results of all of the online marketing efforts. Visit our Online Marketing and Social Media Client Page for more online marketing examples.

Stop letting time hold you captive. Let us help you make your social media dreams a reality! Visit our Social Media Marketing Page to learn more or to request a quote. Our monthly services start at just $400 a month!

Are you looking to vamp up your social media? Do you find yourself short on time?

We would love to chat about how our team can help your team become Social Media Super Heroes!  Fill in the form and we’ll be in touch!

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