Goldmine! How To Create Killer Content For Your Blog

When was your last blog post published…a week ago, a month ago, maybe even longer? Are you aware of the importance of adding new content frequently for SEO but struggle to find topics to write about? You are not alone! One of the biggest challenges for businesses who are managing a blog is finding content. What should we blog about? Finding good content that will engage your followers is easier than you think! Here are some ideas that will jump start your creativity and get that next post published.

Blog ContentCustomer Questions Goldmine

First ask yourself…who is my target audience? Who am I writing for? It’s your customers and followers. So doesn’t it make sense to look to them for topic ideas? Of course it does! Meet with those individuals in your company who interact with customers via phone or in person (if that person it not you). Ask them what questions or concerns come up the most. Chances are they will be able to give you a few topics right off the top of their head. But you may want to consider researching a bit deeper. Designate a specific time frame (one week, one month) to keep a tally of customer questions and concerns. You will be surprised how many ideas you will end up with.

Once you have this list established you are ready to write. Take the questions or concern that they give you and address them. Answer the question, solve the problem or expand on the topic. Write about each idea separately and you will have an abundance of content for future posts.

As a bonus you can use these questions on your website. Create a FAQ’s page with short answers to each question; then as you expand on that question you can link to the blog post with more information. Your blog followers will appreciate having this information readily available to them online to refer back to. Plus it may cut down on your customer service related phone calls. Provide online customer service!

Industry Related Hot Topics

Another idea is to write about industry related topics. Is there a hot topic in the news or blowing up social media sites that relates to your business? People are interested in hearing more about these topics, strike while the iron is hot! Remember that readers will appreciate a new twist. Find a way to tie the topic into your business, not just retell the story that they have already heard. Be creative and relevant.

Stories With Heart

Stories are great at grabbing your reader’s attention and pulling at their heartstrings. Whether is it a story of success or hardship, or something unique or out of the ordinary. Customer stories are a perfect topic! People want to hear how others like themselves benefited from your product or service. Ask some of your top promoters to participate and offer a small gift in return. Reconnect with those who support your business!

Guest Writers Perspective

Consider the possibility of having a few guest writers. You may be surprised at how many people are willing to write about topics that they are passionate about. This writer could be a customer, company employee, college student, friend or family member. Think outside the box! They are happy to see their words in print and you are happy to have another perspective to add to your blog. Invest in the words of others.

Now it’s time to take these ideas and run with them. Find a way to make them your own. Start filling your blog with consistent, relevant, killer content.  As you continue to grow your blog and answer the questions your customers and potential customers are searching for, they will continue to look to you for the answers they need!

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Do you have any blog content ideas to add? We would love to hear from you.

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