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I recently received and email from Twitter.com with some great tips about using Twitter and how to get the most out of it that I though I would share.  Most of my clients now are not using  Twitter personally, but the number of users that are is growing more and more every day.  Most of my clients ask, why do I need Facebook AND Twitter.  The best way I can come up with to explain is this is; we might all watch the TV for news and information, but we all don’t watch the same channel.  Facebook and Twitter for business purposes can be thought of as two different channels.  With both, you choose to get updates and messages from those you want to follow or  “like”.  When you join the social media world and need to decide which avenues to marketing to, choose both because some of your visitors will be on Facebook and some people will be on Twitter.  Make a plan and set some goals.  Know that you are marketing to two different channels, and plan accordingly. 

Facebook and Twitter do, however, make it easy as a business to update both of your accounts at once.  When I set up a business with Facebook and Twitter, most businesses want to make one update and push it out to all social media avenues.  We can easily do this with software like TweetDeck orHootSuite, or it can even be done right through Facebook and Twitter.  It’s important to remember to keep an eye on both accounts and personalize your marketing to each.

As for those tips about getting the most out of Twitter, here’s what Twitter.com had to share:

1) Follow your interests. We’ve found that the people who enjoy Twitter most tend to follow a variety of accounts: friends, family, people in their profession, local shops and events, and most importantly, people who share their passions.

2) Get specific.Like sports? Follow your favorite leagues, teams, players, coaches, commentators, writers and fellow fans. Love food? Follow chefs, restaurants, critics, bloggers, specialty shops and respected foodies.

3) Don’t panic.People turn to Twitter during emergencies. Snowstorms, power outages and fires are just a few emergencies where Twitter may be helpful. Search for #hashtags and follow local civic accounts to stay informed.

4) Return to Twitter. There are about 200 million accounts on Twitter now – that means new interests, new voices, and new ideas every day. We offer services in seven languages, apps for most devices, and SMS worldwide.

Resource: twitter.com

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