New Year, New Goals

I haven’t been one to set a resolution every new year but I do believe in goals.  Since it’s already the 10th day of January I should really get these goals set as the year is already flying by!  I find myself adding this new post to my blog on my Droid X phone using the WordPress ap, at 11pm while cuddling with my sleeping 5 month old baby girl.   Man I love technology and one of my goals is to keep on top of it and to provide my clients the ability to update their own website from anywhere using their phone and new technologies too. 

My goals for 2011 (some that are far out there and some that should have been accomplished a long time ago):

  1. Learn how to write aps.  There are so many ways my clients could benefit from a great ap!!
  2. Continue to enhance my web design, CSS, WordPress design, web marketing and social media marketing skills. 
  3. Help to get my clients to understand even more how to use social media with your website for business because it is a great free marketing tool.
  4. To take on more new web site projects so that businesses in our area will be found online and will be using their website to it’s fullest potential.
  5. To update my own blog and social media avenues at least once a week with information and content that will be useful and imperative.
  6. Continue to attend classes, seminars and training on web design, social media, email marketing, and the new trends for 2011. 
  7. Provide my clients with the latest in technology when it comes to their website and marketing throughout the year.
  8. To becoming more involved in the effort to get broaband Internet access to the rural areas of Redwood County.
  9. To update my baby’s blog on a regular basis so that she can look back and read it someday.
  10. To work extra hard on carrying out my goals and to be able to spend lots of time with my family too!
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