Troubleshooting Guide: Why Your Website Form Notifications Aren’t Reaching Your Inbox

Have you stopped receiving emails from your website forms?

Let's cover why your WordPress website emails may not be reaching your inbox and how email sending tools can help!

Are you having trouble receiving important emails from your WordPress website? Perhaps you're not getting password reset notifications or website form submissions. This issue may be caused by email delivery problems rather than a complete system failure. WordPress sites rely on the PHP mail function and your web server to send emails, but changes in server configuration can cause unexpected issues with email delivery. In some cases, emails may not even make it to your inbox, as email service providers may be detecting them as spam and blocking them. But don't worry, there are steps you can take to troubleshoot and resolve this issue.

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By default, WordPress uses the PHP mail function to send emails. While this function can work well for basic websites, it can encounter hiccups when working with email service providers, resulting in blocked or undelivered emails. Unfortunately, this can happen unexpectedly and cause frustration for both you and your users.

There are several reasons why your website's emails may fail to arrive. Your server may be experiencing delivery issues, leading to spam folder placement or outright blocking by the receiving email server. Emails may also fail due to size limitations or security issues with the originating email address or content within the form fields. In some cases, your email list may need to be cleaned up or re-engaged. Regardless of the cause, there are steps you can take to troubleshoot and resolve these issues.

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Another common issue that can impact email delivery is spam form submissions. Website forms and spam blocking tools are designed to determine if a form submission is legitimate or spam, but this can sometimes result in false positives. If your website is experiencing a high volume of spam form submissions, it can cause email delivery issues. Spam filters may flag legitimate emails as spam, causing them to be filtered out or blocked completely. To address this issue, it's important to implement spam prevention measures and regularly monitor form submissions to ensure they aren't being incorrectly flagged as spam.

To ensure that your website is delivering all messages reliably, our team uses Postmark App as part of your Website Manage or Master Care Plan (limited number of emails sent per month). Postmark App is a transactional email service that provides reliable delivery, powerful APIs, and detailed analytics. It integrates seamlessly with WordPress and your domain name DNS, and our team can set this up for you, making sure that everything runs smoothly.

How does Postmark App work?

Postmark App provides an Email Delivery API, which we use to send transactional emails from your website. When a user submits a form, signs up for your newsletter, requests a password reset or requests information through your website, this API takes care of the delivery process. The plugin we install and configure on your website takes care of the integration and delivery process, as well as providing additional features such as email tracking, bounce handling, and delivery stats.

Why use Postmark App?

Postmark App is a more reliable option for email delivery, setting up a dedicated server for your website, which improves the chances of message delivery instead of relying on a shared hosting server. 

If you've experienced problems with your WordPress website email system suddenly stopping working, don't panic. Our team, as part of your Website Manage or Master Care Plan or website setup can resolve the issue by setting up a transactional email service that combines a powerful API with seamless integration, ensuring reliable, on-time delivery of all your messages.

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