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MhscnToday I was given the opportunity to speak at the Minnesota Health Communications Strategies Network Fall Conference at St. Anthony Main in Minneapolis.   A board member approached me a few months ago wondering if I would talk about social media to their group.    In September I did a webinar for the members on Social Media and How to Engage Your Fans.  My presentation today was a follow up with on engaging your fans and followers, but also included the concept of Relationship Marketing and Content Marketing using Social Media.  I discussed the importance of setting goals and making a plan, having clear objectives, a strategy, and how to measure the results.   I also gave some examples of goals and planning, examples of metrics to measure, and the easiest ways to do this.  Another area of the presentation was on monitoring, listening and reputation management.

Other presentations at the event included how to Mobilize Your Army of Brand Advocates and Disaster Recover – Helping a Community Recover.  The disaster recover presentation was on the July 1st tornado in Minneapolis.  It was exciting to hear how Social Media made an impact in their communication and processes.

Following my presentation Russell Herder spoke on Seeking Social Solace which included research on how consumers use social media to disclose information.   Their presentation was a great follow up to me as they went in-depth and spelled out just how to use social media networks to listen and benefit from online conversations.

The MHSCN membership and attendees of the event consists of health care marketers for hospitals and clinics across the state of Minnesota.  This event’s focus was on Health Care Marketing, Health Care Social Media and Networking.

While at conference, I met some really amazing marketers who are doing great things with social media and they were all so eager to jump in and learn more, asking questions and sharing ideas.  After the presentations, Carol Russell of Russell Herder, Chris Bevolo of Interval and myself sat on a panel where the attendees could ask questions related to the challenges they see in their market.  It  was a fun addition to the presentations and networking of the event.

A big thank you the MHSCN Board and to everyone for a great day spent talking social media!

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