Did you know that you can collect event ticket sales right on our own WordPress website? No need to direct your attendees to an expensive third-party website! Bring the traffic right to YOUR site, host all the event information there and get them registered. It’s a win win.

We’d love to take a few minutes to share with you the benefits of selling tickets to your event right on your website and what software we use to make it happen.

Benefits of Selling Tickets in Your Site

Online TicketsLet’s start with the benefits of sell tickets on your WordPress vs. using a third-party site.

  1. It is less expensive because it is simply a plug-in used on your existing site. No additional ticket processing fees!
  2. You can manage it easily. Again, because it is hosted right on your company’s website.
  3. You are driving event ticket sales to YOUR site. Increasing website traffic and visibility.
  4. You can host all of the event information and register attendees all in one place.
  5. You have more control over the payments collected.
  6. Purchased tickets are emailed directly to the attendee. No manual work needed on your part.
  7. It can connect to your event calendar.

How Event Tickets Plus Works

Good news! Event Tickets Plus is a software we use to create an event ticket system on WordPress websites. Using this software, we can create a ticket or registration system for our clients where they can accept through their website.

This software allows us to add as many tickets as you need and sell those tickets entirely on your company’s WordPress site. Each ticket has its own price, stock, SKU, and specified timeframe for when ticket sales open and close. For example: You could have different pricing for early event sales than you do for ticket sales closer to the event. Or you can have different levels of tickets, maybe a regular ticket, a VIP ticket and a sponsorship only ticket. You can also configure custom attendee registration forms to collect information like session preferences, lunch choices, and t-shirt sizes. We can customize tickets to meet your unique event needs!

More good news! There are no extra ticket processing fees. The only fees associated with a ticket sale is the fee from the payment processor. The average fee for PayPal, Stripe and others is around 2.9% and nonprofits get a nice discount.

Even better news! Purchased tickets are emailed directly to attendees who register. They can easily print the ticket or pull them up on a mobile device at the event. You can access attendee information on the dashboard of your site and export the list making it easy to check everyone in on the day of the event.

Why use anything else for your event – when you could use this!

Event Website Examples

Follow their lead. Here are three great examples of WordPress websites that have used Event Ticket Plus for their events. Take a look!

  1. Sleepy Eye Medical Center creates tickets for their annual golf tournament and 5K run / walk each year.
  2. River Valley Arms and Ammo creates tickets for their training courses. They also use the Promoter email marketing solution for ticket sales follow up and event reminders.
  3. Social Media Breakfast Redwood Area uses the online ticket system for events and classes.

Start Collecting Event Tickets

Take full control of the event ticketing process and customize it to suit your needs. We can help you from start to finish.

RV Tech Solutions Care Plan clients can add Events Tickets Plus to your website for your next event via your plan!  If you’re not on a Care Plan and you need assistance collecting event tickets, just reach out as the RV Tech Team is here to help you! Thank you!

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