Laura Olson of KLGR Radio and Sarah Kuglin of Redwood Valley Technical Solutions talk social media and helping each other through referrals on the KLGR Morning Show. Listen in now, simply click play!

(Recorded March 2013)

Discussion topics included:
Using Social Media to Help Each Other through Referrals and Tagging
1. Did you know..
You can tag or refer to other businesses on your social media accounts?  Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google Plus all let you refer to another business page, which essentially creates a link back to that other business page and also notifies that business that you are talking about them.

As a business you can use social media to help other local businesses promote their business, promotions, events, etc. by using @ tagging and referral.  For business pages on Facebook, if you refer to their business page, depending on their business page settings, your comment may show up on their wall when you refer to them as well (so all of their visitors see your comment about them).

You may find that you cannot tag or refer to some people and business pages on Facebook.  They may have their security settings so that others cannot tag them, or you may notice it doesn’t show up on their wall when you tag them, which is probably because of their security settings as they want to approve any messages that have themselves tagged in.  You may also need to Like a business page, as your business page, before you can @ tag them on Facebook.  You can tag photos of people and business pages on Facebook as well, if the business page or person has their settings set to allow others to tag photos of them.

3. Some people ask me if they should allow others to tag them or allow those referring posts to be seen by others.  
I am open to people tagging photos and sharing referrals on my Facebook wall and other social networks in all hopes it is something positive and good for my brand, as others see people tagging photos of my business, which is part of the viral effect.

If you have your business page set to email you notifications, or if you use the Facebook Pages Manager App which is an iPhone and Android app just for business pages, you get instant notifications when someone posts  or tags you.  You can set your personal security settings on Facebook to allow you to approve any tags of yourself before they appear on your Facebook timeline as well.  This lets you approve what you what people to see on your own timeline.

4. Some ways to help each other out by referring or tagging to other businesses

When you find valuable information from others in our area or your industry, you can share that info that your fans and followers as they might find it useful and helpful.  Comment and share others posts and Tweets and refer to their business in your posts and updates (giving credit).
Share other’s webpages such as events on the local chamber website, promotions or offers on partner websites, etc. on your social networks.  In your post about that web page you are sharing, refer to the business in your status update.  It just helps messages and pages become viral and shows you are helping your fans find valuable information for other sources too!

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