Do you struggle when it comes to writing content for your blog? We understand that you’re busy running your business, so we came up with a few ideas for you.

Business Blog TopicsBlogging is such a wonderful way to share what you have to offer with your biggest promoters and the rest of the world. Small businesses who blog experience 126% more growth in terms of leads vs. those who don’t.

We didn’t want you to miss out on this opportunity, so we came up with this list of simple blog ideas to get you started. Happy writing!

11 Business Blog Ideas

You have the advantage…you know your business inside and out. Why not share some of that knowledge with your readers. Customer want to know you and your business on a personal level, so don’t forget to include visual media – photos and video.

  1. Introduce your team – customers like to know more about you and your team. Keep it light-hearted by including fun, unique information.
  2. Showcase your products or services – people crave a behind the scenes look! Videos or photos that show how your product is made, assembled or used can be a great way to connect with your followers.
  3. Tell customer stories – stories of happy customers are one of your biggest assets. Potential customers will relate to these stories.
  4. Answer frequently asked questions (FAQ’s) – customers are asking these questions which means that want more information, give it to them! Plus it is a great tool for customer service to reference.
  5. Solve a problem – potential customers want to know what’s in it for them. Tell them how your product or service can solve a problem they’re having.
  6. Address Misconceptions – do people have misconceptions about your industry, products or services? Address them, and set the record straight.
  7. Advertise sales and promotions – you can reach more people by blogging about sales that you’re running. Using content from your sales ads and flyers is an easy way to finish a quick blog…the copy is already written after all.
  8. Run a contest – people love winning something…even if it’s small. A contest can help reach a new group of potential customers.
  9. Announce upcoming events – do you have company, speaking or community events coming up? Are you offering a class or a seminar? Write about it before the event to bring people in and after the event with photos and a recap.
  10. Showcase anything new – people love to know what’s new! Blog about new products, services employees, customers, and testimonials.
  11. Feature fun things – this can be anything. Share favorite recipes, fun photos and information from employee outings, fish stories and more!

4 Professional Tips & Tricks Blog Ideas

Establish yourself as the go-to expert for information on your business. Blog about trending topics in your industry, offer tips and give professional advice. Don’t look at providing information as giving your services away for free, look at it as a way to build trust and creditability making your company the clear choice when services are needed.

The purpose of blogging is also to get your website found. One of the best ways for potential customers to find your business online is through search engines. If they’re searching for the things you’re writing about, you appear in the search results. Blogging can increase your search rankings and improve your search engine optimization (SEO).

  1. Conduct industry expert interviews – employees at your company have a wealth of information to offer. Interview them on a specific topic, this could be a video or written interview.
  2. Write tips & tricks posts – people often go to the internet for advice. The next time someone looks something related to your business up online, your blog can be the answer.
  3. Start a monthly advice column – if you give subscribers good, relevant advice on a consistent basis they are likely to keep coming back for more. Remind them to come back next month at the end of your post.
  4. Showcase a customer case study – potential customers want proof that your product or service is the best option. Tell them success stories that explain the benefits and process.

3 Special Events Blog Ideas

The next time you participate in an event, blog about it. Explain what the event was all about, talk about the people you met and other local businesses who participated. Bonus if you link to those businesses, this is great for building relationships and increasing SEO!

Don’t forget the photos. Including images in blog posts can boost the number of views by 94%. To get the most exposure out of your photos use them on social media sites and other marketing efforts.

  1. Promote local events – one of the best ways to grow your local business is by actively participating in community events. Write a blog about the upcoming event and what your part is in it, support the event and take pictures, post those photos on your social media pages and include them in an event recap blog.
  2. Write about charity events – does your company sponsor a charity or local team, hold a food or blood drive, volunteer at a local school or shelter? If so, blog about it. Tell your readers why it’s rewarding and what you accomplished. Include photos of volunteers and those people who benefited from the charity.
  3. Promote small businesses – be proud to be a small business! Write posts to raise awareness about the benefits of shopping local. Participate in shop local events, maybe run a contest or have a giveaway…these would be great blog ideas as well.

3 Seasonal Blog Post Ideas

Seasonal posts are all about timing. Strike when the iron is hot, when people are searching for seasonal tips, holiday ideas and more. Consider each month or season an opportunity to provide the time-sensitive information that readers are looking for.

  1. Highlight an awareness month – check out this list of awareness months. Are any of them relevant to your business? If so, write about them! Why not piggy back on the exposure that these events receive to drive organic traffic to your website. Many of these events have #hashtags on social media, be sure to use those when sharing your blog on social sites.
  2. Share seasonal tips – it is best if these tips relate to your business. Winter travel tips, summer safety tips, spring cleaning tips, fall back to school tips…these are just a few examples. Be creative!
  3. Write holiday blog posts – everyone loves holidays, capitalize on this. Begin the year with a New Year’s resolution post, advertise your President’s Day sale, go green with an Earth Day post, write a remembrance post for Memorial Day, share activity ideas for July 4th, post recipes for Thanksgiving and provide gift ideas for Christmas. Almost any holiday has something to write about and sincere holiday greetings can go a long way with your readers.

Benefits of Blogging

Blogging on a consistent basis establishes your business as a growing, thriving organization. It gives search engines the impression that your website is continually improving, resulting in better search ranking. There is no downside!

We hope by providing resources like the article above, that we can make blogging easier for your business. Need help with blogging? We’d be happy to help you develop an online marketing plan.

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