Does My Business Need Google Reviews?

Digital marketing is no longer optional. In fact, businesses that don’t utilize digital marketing tools as a means of reaching their target market, are at an extreme disadvantage.

These days, everyone is online. People use online resources to seek out word-of-mouth recommendations, which hold much more weight than paid advertisements. With abundant tools and resources for reviews available online, there’s no shortage of consumers sharing their opinions about the businesses they’ve purchased from.

One of the most commonly used review platforms is Google My Business. It combines SEO ranking, word-of-mouth reviews, and targeted awareness, to create a cohesive and streamlined place for businesses to be reviewed.

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Taking on some of the most important components of digital marketing, Google My Business provides a simple way for businesses to reach their target market and make a positive impact.

Learn about Google My Business reviews and how you can use them to your advantage:

Does My Business Need Google Reviews?

For your business to show up as a top ranking on a search engine, it needs a number of positive Google reviews. When giving businesses an SEO ranking, Google takes into account a number of factors, including reviews. This means that an effective SEO strategy will include digital marketing efforts that encourage consumers to leave the needed reviews.

Studies have shown that when a business’ reviews decline in number, their ranking position soon follows. For just this reason alone, your business absolutely needs Google reviews.

Most people seek out word-of-mouth recommendations before choosing a business to buy from. Customers research products or services that interest them. They look for quality products that other consumers loved! They use reputable reviews to make an informed decision on which product or service would best fit their needs. This typically happens through online review platforms, including Google. In fact, Google is the number one search engine out there, which makes Google reviews the most important review platform to be listed on.

What is the Google Review Process?

It’s easy for your customers to post reviews on Google My Business. Begin by asking your customers to leave a review and show them where to do so. They will need to create or sign into their Google account. On your listing, they will be able to choose to write a review or rate the business and then review. Once the review is created, you will receive an email notification that the review has been listed.

Can I Respond to Google Reviews?

You can respond to Google reviews, and it’s actually important that you do. This shows your customers and potential customers that you are present, caring, and reliable. It also sends the message that you are grateful for their feedback, whether positive or negative. In fact, when it comes to SEO, the more reviews that businesses respond to, the better their ranking.

When you go to respond to your reviews, you’ll need to log in to your Google account and go to reviews. On the right comment, press the “respond” button, which will enable you to respond to the review. Keep your responses short, professional, and polite. Don’t argue with negative reviews, but show them gratitude for the review and for their purchase.

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