How to Create an Engaging Landing Page

What is one of the best ways to engage your potential customers online, and prompt them to take action? Create an engaging landing page! Unlike a web page or homepage, your landing page has only one job: to communicate a specific call-to-action and turn your visitor into a potential customer. While a web page, services page or homepage is designed for exploration and information, a landing page is focused on only one specific offer or opportunity.

Because of this, landing pages need to be instantly engaging. After all, you’re trying to create a conversion, not just communicate your brand or generate enthusiasm for your company. Visitors need to know that you are offering them a solution to their problem. This is the key to having a successful landing page.

Landing Page Engages Customers

So what can you do to ensure that your page both engages visitors and clearly communicates your message? We’ll share with you a few things to keep in mind as you consider the best approach to creating the most effective landing page option.

Landing Page Design

When planning a design for your landing page, it’s important to keep simplicity in mind. A crisp, clean, professional design that focuses on:

  • brand consistency
  • the call to action
  • and engaging the visitor.

It's important not to distract your visitors from the offer that you are trying to show them with quirky design elements or links to other pages or websites.

Landing Page Headline & Headings

Your headline is possibly the most important part of writing on your page. Not only is it the first thing your reader will see, but it needs to convince them to keep on reading. Your landing page headline should communicate that this is exactly where they want to be, and they will have a solution to their problem if they read on.

Adding headings to your landing page content is also important. Heading text can help visitors easily find the information that they're looking for by breaking up the content into sections. It is also great for search engine optimization and ease of reading.

Images & Video on Landing Pages

If it’s true that a picture is worth a thousand words, it’s perhaps arguable that a video is worth even more. While not everyone is interested in reading several paragraphs of text, images and/or videos let you present information in a form that is often more easily consumed. A well-chosen image can serve as a way to entice visitors to read further down the page. And video is an opportunity to communicate more than text alone might allow. Be sure that you remember to optimize your images and videos when adding them to your landing page.

Landing Page Content

It’s up to you whether or not your landing page content will be extensive or short and sweet, but no matter how much you decide to write, it should be simple and direct. Never lose sight of your final objective, which is to communicate your offer and give your reader a chance to respond to it. Keep your flow succinct and engaging, and avoid overly complicated language. Your tone should be conversational and helpful. Remember, if your reader found themselves on your landing page, it’s likely that they’re hoping to find help with a problem or pain point. Your copy should reassure them that they are in the right place.

Forms on Landing Pages

If the purpose of your landing page is to collect sign-ups, find employees, or promote a free offer, you’re going to need to provide an opt-in form or online application for your users. But take care to ensure that your form is easy to use. Keep in mind that people can feel uneasy when giving out their personal information, so don’t require them to fill out too many fields in your form. It can also be helpful to assure users that you will not use or sell their information for anything other than what you are offering.

Landing Page CTA (Call To Action)

Your CTA is the action that you want your reader to take, whether it’s signing up for a free ebook, subscribing to your newsletter, or making a purchase. A clearly stated CTA is meant to be the centerpiece of any well-crafted landing page. It is, in fact, the reason for the page’s existence, and the thing that all other elements of the page should be pointing to. If you have managed to maintain the attention of your reader until they reach this point, be sure to make it as easy as possible for them to take the next step. Make your CTA stand out clearly.

Generate Leads With a Landing Page

Since landing pages are such an effective way to generate new leads, find new employees, and more! It pays to be meticulous about how they are structured and presented. But this doesn’t mean it has to be difficult or complicated. In fact, as we’ve seen, keeping it simple is the best strategy for creating an effective landing page. If you keep your focus on what you want to communicate to your readers and don’t lose sight of your objective, you can make an engaging and high-performing landing page.

Ready to start generating some new, quality leads? Not sure where to start? Contact our team today! Together we can build a landing page that will engage your visitors and drive them to take action.


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