5 Easy Ways to Repurpose Your Content

Are you intrigued by the thought of breathing new life into your current content? Repurposing your content is great for search engine optimization (SEO) and can save you time!

Do you have any content from the past that performed well and that your audience found valuable? It doesn’t have to be lost to history. Repurposing it into something new can call attention to it again! This is a great way to engage and expand your audience.

Content is king! Here are a few ways to consistently create new content by repurposing your current content.

Content Creation

1. Turn your blog posts into an ebook

Blog posts are ideal for repurposing. They are informative and chock full of information. If you have an extensive blog archive, creating an ebook that visitors can download from your website may be a logical next step for you. Loads of ebooks that are available online have been created in just this way, and even many printed bestsellers had their humble beginnings as a series of blog posts.

Besides being a great way to repurpose content, ebooks have the advantage of potentially creating a new stream of income. Most people are willing to pay a bit more for content that they find valuable. But even if you offer your ebook for free, as a lead generator or a giveaway, or whatever you decide to do, it will serve as a way to grow your subscriber list.

One thing to keep in mind: ebooks have a reputation for being a more authoritative and high-quality source of information, so if you do decide to repurpose your content in this way, you’ll want to supplement your existing content with additional research and information to give it a little more clout. For some of your readers, this may not be the first time they’ve seen this content, and you’ll want to make it worth their while.

2. Use your content for quotes on social media

Sometimes the best post is a repost, especially if you have evergreen content that performed well in the past. Chances are it will do just as well as before with a simple reboot.

The easiest way to do this is to find a quotable sentence or two from a long-form blog article and simply use this as your caption or tweet. If you’re feeling fancy, you could even overlay your quote onto a nice graphic and post it to Instagram.

Whether or not you decide to include the link to the original article is up to you, but even if you leave the short pull quote as is, it's a great way to stay connected with your audience without having to generate brand-new material.

3. Turn your content into a video

Video has proven to be an effective way to engage your target audience. One of the most time-consuming aspects of video creation lies in the process of planning and writing a script. But if you repurpose content, you’ve got a head start. Choosing relevant content that solves a problem, or provides valuable information for your customers, is important to increase engagement.

It may seem redundant to use a video to share content with an audience that has possibly already seen it, but this is actually far from the case. For one thing, many people prefer to watch a video instead of reading words on a screen. Because of this, it can also be a great way to reach new followers by using different headlines or captions. Not sure where to get started creating a video, our team can help!

4. Create an infographic from your content

It’s widely accepted that most people prefer visual aids when learning. Some people find information easier to consume when it is presented in a visually stimulating way. Infographics are widely circulated on social media platforms because they are interesting, informative, and easy to read and share.

Do you have a lot of content based on statistics? Perhaps you wrote a how-to article or a listicle-style blog post. Some articles go heavy on data, talking points, or steps of execution. If you have content like this, you may be able to create a visual summary of the information presented in the form of an infographic.

If you don’t have the skills to design an infographic, never fear. Together, we can help your business create infographics using your content and branding.

5. Send out a recap newsletter

If you’re watching your metrics regularly, you have a good idea of which content is performing the best from month to month. Consider bundling those links together into a weekly or monthly newsletter to send to your subscribers. Not only will your content potentially reach a larger number of your audience, but this is also a good way to maintain a consistent connection with your followers.

Start Engaging your followers with repurposed content

Take some time with your team to explore how repurposing your current content could help your business create fresh, new content. Utilize the information in this article to create content that people can interact with, learn from and share.

Ready to start generating some new interest using repurposed content? Not sure how or where to start? Contact our team today! Together we can create a content plan using different types of media that will engage your visitors and increase SEO.


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