How Would I Market a Business on the Web?

I was recently interviewed by a college student taking a class on marketing, “How would you use the Internet to market a business”?  I was supposed to only give a response of two paragraphs, which was quite difficult for me to do.  I have a tendency to go on and on, and when asked about topics like this I seem to have much enthusiasm and eagerness to share just what I would do.  I thought I would share my response to her question, even though it is over the required two paragraphs long.

To market your company online through Web Marketing, there are many tools available including having a website, blog, and using social networks to create a digital presence online.  Start with a website and domain name that is search engine friendly, containing keywords or phrases about your company, services and products.  Your website should contain information, photos, calls to action, and a way for clients to contact you.  Include information on products, services, a way to purchase, company history, staff profiles, interactive directions and more.  Always remember to use your website as the hub of your online marketing.   Integrate a blog into your website, giving you the ability to add new and fresh content that is relevant and useful for current and potential clients.  Blog articles and content that contain keywords and keyword phrases are favored by search engines as well.  The blog is interactive, allowing your visitors to make comments or ask questions regarding your topics covered in the blog posts with in that article page.

For Social Media Marketing, use social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google + and LinkedIn to nurture and grow relationships with current and potential clients.  You can share content and information, most often by providing a link to your blog posts, that answers the questions they are searching for.  Create sharable content to engage your followers using strategies that entice comments, likes, and sharing of your information.  Don’t forget that social media is about building relationships and having conversations with your followers.  Using social media sites as a push or selling tool is often less effective in building a community around your brand.

Use email marketing campaigns to keep your current and potential clients up to date on what’s happening with the company, how they can purchase your products and how to follow you online.   Experiment and use QR Codes on traditional marketing efforts to drive traffic to your website as well.

As with any marketing effort, be sure to set goals and make a plan for your digital efforts.  Have clear objectives so you can measure the results of your time spent on Social Media and the web.  Measurable goals can be anything from driving traffic to your website, growing your mentions, shares and likes, growing your email list, to generating sales and leads.  By using a content and sharing calendar, you can easily manage your time and efforts spent online.  Remember to use tools available to listen, manage and monitor your reputation and your brand on social media networks and the web.

We know that people buy from others they like, know and trust.  Create a digital presence online and give your clients what they are looking for.

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