Embed A VideoWhen you create a video for promotional use on your website, it is very easy to upload the new video to YouTube and add it to your WordPress website page or blog post.

Follow these 16 simple steps and you’ll have a video live on your website in no time!

  1. Download or copy the video from your camera to your computer and save.
  2. Open YouTube and log into your account (upper right hand corner)
  3. Click on the Upload link (top right)
  4. Use the Browse button to find the video on your computer and double click to open the video you saved earlier.
  5. While the video uploads, add a title, description and tags to the video.  Use keywords and information of what is in the video.  The text will impact how search engines and people searching YouTube better find your video.
  6. Save all changes after adding the title, description and tags.
  7. Once the video has uploaded, follow the text link to the video URL to view the video.
  8. Scroll down to below the video and find the Share button.
  9. You will see a URL of the video, but you need to click the Embed button to the right of URL.
  10. The new Embed code will appear and will be selected (blue).  Copy this text (right click and copy or control +c).
  11. Now log into your website and open the page / post you want to add the video to.
  12. Switch to the HTML tab (top right of the body of the page).
  13. Put your cursor in the body and Paste the embed code.
  14. Flip back to the Visual tab to see the yellow box where the video is located in your page.
  15. You can use the Preview page button (above the blue publish / update) to see the video in action on your page.
  16. Click the blue Update / Publish button for the video to go live on your website!

Tip:  You can resize your video to better fit into your page.  While on the HTML tab, click on the yellow box that represents your video and grab the corner of the video, click the mouse and drag it to the size that best fits in your web page!

Are you using video to better engage with your customers on your website and blog?   Were the steps above helpful in getting your new video live on your website?

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