Take a moment to look at your business website. How interactive is it? How much does it beg to be engaged with? How informative is it? Is it static and stale? Your business website is one of the best tools you have at your disposal to interact with your customers. But if your business website doesn’t have the right components, your visitors and customers will simply pass it by.

Being in a progressively digital age, your website has to stand out to get noticed and get more clicks. Here are a few ways you can make that happen and get your website to work for you.

eCommerce Solutions

Put Your Website To Work For Your BusinessIf you sell a product, whether it’s handmade sweaters, an online course, or vintage jewelry, or even just a gift card for your products or services, you need an eCommerce solution. Your customers want to be able to easily make a purchase directly from your website. There are a ton of ways to do this, and no matter what platform you use for your eCommerce solution, it’ll help you get more sales and more customers, including those repeat customers we all want.

Online Reservations

If you sell a service, you know that bookings and appointments are the lifeblood of your business. Without bookings, how can you expect to make any money? The old way of running a service business is to have potential customers or clients call and book an appointment during business hours. But that can actually lead you to have fewer bookings because calling during business hours requires additional planning that a customer may not be willing to do. Adding an option to make a reservation or schedule an appointment online will help boost your bookings and increase your revenue – and make it easy for you too.

Donation Tools

Some businesses ask for donations and this is becoming more common with the COVID-19 crisis leaving many businesses and organizations struggling to stay afloat. An easy way to get more engagement and more donations is by adding an online donation tool to your website. If your patrons can easily donate a few dollars online or add it to their purchase, you’ll find yourself getting more donations plus more interaction with your website. It also makes managing your donors easy and affordable.

Online Membership Fee Payment

For those businesses that run on memberships, you stay profitable by gathering those membership fees. How much easier would it be to have your members simply pay their dues online? By offering an online membership fee payment tool, you’ll see membership increase plus you’ll make it easier for existing members to re-up their membership.

Membership Portal

Speaking of memberships, adding a membership portal can be a really effective way to get more engagement from your members. They want a special area just for them that allows them to easily maneuver through your website and access their membership benefits. Including a membership portal can increase this activity while making your user experience so much better, keeping members happier and sticking around for a longer period of time.

Learning Management System (LMS)

No matter what your business is - whether it’s a restaurant, eCommerce, or a blog - you can add a learning management system to increase your website engagement. People want to learn and providing them with the resources they need to increase their knowledge about your area of expertise will entice them to keep clicking. It’s also a great way to increase your website traffic. When people search for answers to their questions, they’ll be directed to your learning management system and start clicking around your website, making it more likely that they’ll make a purchase.

Be Interactive

Whether it’s a quiz or a game or a poll, creating something your visitors can interact with will definitely help your website. It’ll increase your engagement, but it’s also a great way to recommend products and services or offer discounts and deals.

Create Searchable Content

Something you should focus on when creating content for your website is making it searchable. What are people searching for? That’s what you should make content about. You can easily see what searches are trending on Google and use Goggle Analytics to see what content is tracking. The more searchable your content, the more traffic you’ll get and that means more engagement and purchases.

Ready to put your website to work for your business? Put us to work too! We’re here to work with you and ready to answer your questions. Get started today!

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