What To Blog About: 3 Ideas To Get You Started

Blog IdeasSo you’ve got a shiny new website fully equipped with a blog and social sharing tools.  Now comes the marketing work!

You’re probably thinking, what do I write about in the blog?  Will people even read what I have to say?  My website pages tell about my products and services and allow people to contact me.  What more are visitors and potential clients looking for?

One of the most intimidating pieces of marketing your business online is often what to create for content, how often to create it and what on earth should it be about?

Remember that when people are surfing the web they are usually trying to solve a problem, find an answer or solution to their needs, or just want to learn more about how to use a product best.

Here are a few simple ideas to get you started with a content marketing plan for your blog:

1.        What are the most common customer service questions asked about your business? 

Use your team to gather information on what questions or concerns people continually ask about your products or services.  Check with the receptionist or customer care department to find out what the top five issues are logged through incoming calls.  Ask the sales team to keep a list of questions they are asked in person and via email about your products and services.  Watch your social networks and search for your industry online to find out what people are looking for.    You can also use Google Analytics or your website statistics to find out more about what people are searching for in relation to your industry.

2.       What is unique about your products or services that people need to know about?

We all have a unique product or service in some form or fashion.  Just because you provide the same products others do, does not mean you offer the same amenities or features of the company down the street.  Consider what is special about your business, team or operation and make a list of those items that only you can provide to the next potential client.  Of course others may do the same thing, but how do you do it better?  Maybe you offer exceptional service and support after the sale.  Maybe you offer a special discount to repeat customers.  Do you have a warranty program like no other?  Think about thing things you do on a day to day basis that seem the norm, but are really a special feature a potential client may not know you offer.

3.       Have you ever bought a product, brought it home, and had no idea how to operate it?  I am sure others have had the same problem too!

Think about how assured and confident someone might be when they find your product online and it includes hints, tips and tricks on just how to use it best.  Most products and services come ready right out of box, but often have additional ways to prolong or increase the potential their life span or value.  No matter what you offer or sell, you want someone to be happy with their new reward.  A fresh bouquet of flowers might last days longer if given proper and exceptional care.  You might be able to take much better photos if you know the tricks to getting your kids to smile for the picture.  You might tell a story about where the fish are biting on the lake at your resort (and include a photo to prove it) so your guests remember to pack their lucky lure.

You can easily create a list of ideas from these simple topics that occur in your business on a regular basis.  When you create content that people can relate to, solves their problems or answers their questions, they will likely look to you for more.  Build a relationship with visitors by showing them you can help just by writing and article for your blog and including a video, a photo or two.  Don’t forget to share a link to your blog on your social networks too.  Reach people with your information, where they are at!

Are you ready to start creating content online?  Do you have ways of coming up with content for your blogs not mentioned above?  We’d love to hear them!  Happy blogging!

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