Connect with Your Audience: 5 Ways to Make Your Copy Emotionally Resonant

Your website copy is some of the most important content your audience will interact with online. It’s got a tough job on its shoulders too! It has to simultaneously engage, inform, and encourage action from your reader.

Because it’s such a crucial feature of your website, many businesses make the mistake of avoiding emotions in their copy, thinking it will negatively affect their reputation and result in a customer losing confidence in them. Well, quite the opposite is true, because emotive copy is actually a powerful way to build trust in your brand.

Connect With Your Audience

So, does this mean you need to write the next big melodrama? Absolutely not. You don’t need to go over the top, but instead, you need to connect with your reader through relatable emotions.

How do you write emotive copy? We’re going to go through five steps you can take to start writing copy that connects.

1. Know Your Target Audience

First things first, there’s no point in launching into a copywriting session if you have no idea who you’re writing for. Different audiences will respond to different emotions. Make sure that you know exactly who your ideal customers are and the things that would appeal to them. Ask yourself what they would identify with and what their problems are. For example, are they into rugged nature or more of an indoor kind of person?

2. Use Stories

Stories are one of the easiest ways to write with emotion because you’re already creating something that will resonate with your reader. Stories are easy to identify with especially when they’re catered to a specific audience. When you include relatable emotions within that story, you’re creating a stronger connection with your audience.

3. Present a Problem and a Solution

Telling a story that features a problem and solution that will appeal to your customers is a fantastic way to use the power of emotive writing. Let's say you're selling high-end camping gear. Your audience may be interested in both the convenience of having the right gear for their trip, as well as the durability and quality associated with it. You could tell a story about an inexperienced camper who is struggling to set up their tent due to poor-quality equipment. They could be feeling intimidated or annoyed at their lack of skills. But then they purchase your high-end camping gear and can finally pitch their tent like a pro! They feel confident and accomplished, and now have items that will last them for many future trips.

4. Combine Positive and Negative

The best way to create a narrative that your audience will identify with is by presenting both positive and negative emotions throughout so as take them on an emotional journey - have them associate good feelings once they discover something about or from your brand (positive), while associate bad feelings before discovering about/from it (negative).

5. Use Relatable Subjects

When you know who your audience is, use topics related directly to them so as better connect with them on an emotional level - find out what makes them tick and use elements related specifically related back at 'em according to their interests! For instance, eco-friendly camping gear people tend towards environmentally conscious; use stories featuring nature and its joys then so as to create an even stronger connection between yourself and these readers!

Create Website Content that Connects

Successful copy should not only inform readers but also connect with them on an emotional level. To do this, think about who your target audience is, what their problems and pain points are, and tailor the message accordingly with your resolution.

Once you have a focus, use creative language to bring out your story and engage the readers. Leverage storytelling, analogies, and personalization to draw the reader in – all while staying true to your brand’s voice and values. Keep these tips in mind, and you’ll be able to create emotionally resonant copy that will truly connect with your audience.


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