Have you checked your conversion rate lately?

The conversion rate is the percentage of website visitors that perform a specific action. As a small business owner, your goal may be to see more people shop. You may also want visitors to click on an ad or visit a specific page.

If you desire to optimize your website, the user experience should be easy.

Whether you improve your page speed or confirm your website is mobile-friendly, we have some helpful tips to get you started.

Here are seven ways to optimize your conversion rate:

Check Your Conversation Rate

1. Critique your website

Have you taken a close look at your website? You may be surprised to find that some elements need tweaks. Pretend to be a potential customer; try to purchase an item or look for more information. If you notice some problems, your customers will, too. Critique your website often to keep your website user-friendly.

  • Remove or update broken links
  • Confirm the checkout process
  • Perform a spelling or grammar check

2. Move to mobile

Almost half of your audience will view your website on a mobile device. Forty percent, to be exact. If your website is not responsive or mobile-friendly, you are missing your moment. Did you know a non-responsive website gives a poor first impression? Visitors may not take the extra step to visit your website on a computer.

  • Test performance
  • Verify appearance
  • Respond and adjust

3. Pick up the pace

Our attention spans are short. If your website is performing slowly, you risk losing customers. You want to encourage people to browse — not get bored while waiting. If you have a goal in mind, consider that a 2-second loading time is pushing it. One second is the ideal loading time.

  • Test website speed on multiple devices
  • Ask for help to see what’s causing the slow-down
  • Revisit pages often

4. Communicate through chat

If someone has a question, the chat function is the next best thing. It helps to free up your email inbox and provides information faster. Customers may have urgent questions about a service, purchase, contact information, etc. Make it easy for them to engage. Your timeliness may be the deciding factor for their return.

  • Make the chat area visible
  • Prepare chat agents to answer common questions
  • Provide additional solutions if answers aren’t available

5. Show them — and tell them

Brands do a great job highlighting success. However, customers can do it better. We recommend adding a testimonial portion to your website. Highlight case studies, reviews, and recommendations. Provide real, authentic reviews and encourage others to chime in on the conversation.

  • Present a variety of testimonials
  • Provide a space for additional feedback
  • Choose honest feedback

6. Select a winner

Which headline works better? Start with A/B testing. Pairing content side by side based on performance allows you to choose the best content. Compare copy, images, and other elements of your website. A/B testing allows you to understand the needs of your audience better.

  • Consider multiple A/B tests
  • Keep results for future uses
  • Be open to changes

7. Track your progress

Website analytics is one of your most significant resources. Dedicate time to familiarizing yourself with this helpful set of data. You will quickly learn what is bringing people to your website. You may also learn why they are staying — or leaving. Take advantage of software such as Hotjar, which helps you better understand customer behavior.

  • Check in often to monitor and adjust
  • Share findings with your team, including designers and writers
  • Make changes and see the differences

There are small ways to make big differences in your conversation rate. Start with one step at a time. As your customers enjoy a great user experience, they are likely to help you reach your goals.


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